TM and Shannon's morning solemnisation and lunch reception

At Monti Pavilion Singapore

A fun march in by Shannon and her Father.

One of the cutest march ins Ive seen, guests were given bubbles to welcome the bride and her father!

Tall flower stands as their backdrop against the skyline

These timeless flower stands are always a favourite! We first used it as a backdrop for their solemnisation before moving it downstairs to their lunch reception.

Transitioning to the lunch reception

We quickly repurposed the hedges from their solemnisation to their dinner venue! It was a quick 10 mins turnover time and we had to ensure it was ready before the guests entered!

The stage

Against the blue skies and waters, we brought the aisle hedges and stands from their solemnisation down to their stage. This turned the stage into a mini garden for a photospot for the couple and their guests!

TM and Shannon

Venue: Monti Pavilion Singapore
Photographer: @withtwentytwo
Florals by us

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