Xiang Lin and Freddy's solemnisation and lunch reception

At the oriental yet modern Riverhouse.

Colours on colours!

The couple knew they loved all things colours. We proposed a asymmetrical arch for their sit down solemnisation and intentionally kept one of the sides low to match their sit down solemnisation. Aisle hedges to line the march in with specific colour blocking so that the colours pop!

When dahlias were in full bloom..

Their wedding took place in end Oct and that was the perfect season for Dahlias! Did not hold back in ordering these peachy pink and dark pink ones that flew in from Japan with the flower head the size of our palms! A truly unforgettable one. And oh did we mention! All flowers were wiped out and taken home by guests after the wedding!

Transitioning to the lunch reception

We quickly repurposed the hedges from their solemnisation to their dinner venue! It was a quick 10 mins turnover time and we had to ensure it was ready before the guests entered!

The stage

The star of the show - The colours filled arch. Paired alongside with the 6 aisle hedges that were not filled up along the stage and corridor area.

Dressing the dining room

With low bowl centrepieces and flower frog pin bowls

Xiang Lin and Freddy

Venue: Riverhouse
Photographer: @aurastudios
Florals by us

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