Yanjie and Jiaqi's wedding reception

Nestled in the gorgeous colonial hotel of Raffles hotel, we transformed Jubilee ballroom into a garden party!

Cascading orchids that stole the show!

Personals for Jiaqi, featuring these gorgeous phalaenopsis ochids that stole the show. Hair and make up done by @arly.co in a simple classy low bun. Hair flowers provided by us.

Pastel garden party

Filled the ballroom with these meadow hedges which transformed the space into a garden. The ballroom was also left smelling of fresh flowers just like a fully bloomed garden!

Orchids, carnations, lilacs...

Always a treat to see brides holding our bouquets! This bouquet was made with Jiaqi's personality in mind - elegant, bright, cheerful and classy.

Yanjie and Jiaqi

Venue: Raffles Hotel Jubilee Ballroom
PG: @ikicompany
HMU: @arly.com
Florals by us

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