Kevin and Kimberley's whimsical wedding

At the Andaz Glasshouse

No greens please!

Kimberley wanted something really classic, with no greens, just whites, peach and pinks against the warm ballroom lighting. We went enmass with baby breaths, roses and hydrangeas! Just 3 simple ingredients to give her the most dreamy and whimsical wedding she had in mind!

Lining the ballroom with aisle stands and hedges to fill their march in.

The perfect picture spot

When your march in is long and wide, we paired them with both aisle hedges on stands and ground to fully elevate the venue and transoform it into the look the couple was going for. It was so cute to have the groom in a full white suit and pink tie too to match the venue flowers!

The perfect shade of dusty pinks!

Still remembering these hydrangeas from Holland that came in the most perfect dusty pink we were looking for! Still dreaming of this till today!

The stage

A full decontructed arch to match the high ceiling of the glasshouse ballroom. Paired with 2 ground hedges as well to fill the large space on stage - a must for this ballroom!

Of delphiniums, roses, garden roses, hydrangeas and baby breaths!

A sight we will never forget!

Kevin and Kimberley

Venue: Andaz Glasshouse
Photographer: Our inhouse photographer Ally
Florals by us

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