Huixiang and Daniel's church solemnisation

At Queenstown Lutheran Church

The bridal party

Huixiang took advantage of the natural sunlight and took their bridal party shoot at the iconic Botanic gardens! The colours popped against the background so beautifully!

The smiles on their faces

The ones behind the bride helping her through each and every step of the way! This was Hui Xiang's bridal party that consisted of her close friends she grew up with. It was a joy to create each of their bouquets to match Hui Xiang's one!

Transitioning to their church solemnisation

It was time for the moment!

The stage

Simple hedges on stand that was their backdrop against the altar. The perfect and fuss free set ups suitable for their church venue! We included these gorgeous peonies which were in their peak season then in July 2023!

Of peonies, garden roses and chamomile daisies!

Our favourite peonies available only in the summer season!

Huixiang and Daniel

Venue: Botanic gardens and Queenstown Lutheran Church
Photographer: @happyphotopeople
Florals by us

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