6 Best Fillers for Fresh Flower Bouquets in Singapore

When it comes to crafting the perfect bouquet, it's not just the standout flowers that matter—it's also about those subtle additions that fill the spaces in between. After all, these filler elements do more than just occupy empty gaps; they bring texture, depth, and an extra layer of beauty to the arrangement. 

Whether it’s for a lavish wedding bouquet or a charming small arrangement for a foyer, understanding the role of fillers can elevate your floral designs from lovely to extraordinary. 

Here are some of the most widely used fillers that bring balance and interest to flower arrangements.

1. Chamomile daisies / Feverfew

If you’ve ever taken a flower arrangement course in Singapore, you know that chamomile daisies is a go-to filler for bouquets. Known for its delicate and whimsical appearance, chamomile daisies offer a touch of whimsy and lightness to any arrangement. Besides, its fine, branching stems are perfect for adding volume without overwhelming the main blooms, making it a popular choice for church wedding flower arrangements and home decor.

2. Ferns

Ferns bring a lush, green backdrop to fresh flower arrangements, offering a variety of textures and shapes. Their versatility makes them ideal for adding depth and structure, complementing both vibrant and soft-hued flowers with their rich, green foliage.

3. Eucalyptus

Our go to foliage we always use! Eucalyptus is cherished not just for its unique, silvery-green leaves but also for its refreshing scent. It introduces a sophisticated touch and a hint of aroma to small and big flower bouquets alike. 

What’s more, using eucalyptus as filler adds a sensory experience to the arrangement.

4. Ammi majus/Queen Anne's Lace

This filler does wonders with its whimsical, airy beauty, adding both a visual and aromatic charm to bouquets. Besides, these blooms add a touch of tranquillity and country garden aesthetics.

5. Wheat and Grasses

If you want to learn how to make rustic flower bouquets, consider using wheat and ornamental grasses as fillers. Their golden hues and airy textures are perfect for creating bouquets that resonate with bohemian vibes and countryside elegance.

6. Orchids

Known for their rich and diverse variety of colour , Hypericum berries add an interesting pop of colour and texture to any fresh flower bouquet. Their presence also enriches floral arrangements with depth and vibrancy, making them stand out with a lively burst of colour. They are also available locally and are a great source of sustainable flowers to choose from!

Tips for Using Fillers for Fresh Flower Bouquets

Selecting the perfect fillers for your fresh flower arrangements is an art that can dramatically elevate the overall appearance and feel of your arrangement. Whether you're designing church decorations for a wedding ceremony or you simply want to add a touch of everyday beauty to your space, here are some insights to help you make informed decisions when using fillers:

  • Balance

    The best arrangements have a harmonious balance between the main blooms and fillers. As such, consider the size and shape of your primary flowers and choose fillers that complement rather than overpower them.

  • Colour Coordination

    Fillers should enhance the colour scheme of your fresh flower bouquet or arrangement. For a cohesive look, pick fillers in colours that either match or contrast beautifully with your main blooms. For instance, the soft hues of the queen's anne lace can subtly accentuate vibrant wedding flowers, adding depth without clashing.

  • Texture Variation

    Mixing textures can add interest and dimension to your bouquet. For example, combining the delicate, fine texture of chamomile daisies or the lush, green foliage of ferns with smoother, larger blooms creates a visually rich arrangement. On the other hand, eucalyptus, with its unique silvery-green leaves, can inject a refined flair.

  • Consider the Occasion

    The choice of fillers can also depend on the occasion. Orchids, for instance, might be perfect for a serene, intimate gathering. Meanwhile, the playful pop of colour from chamomile daisies could suit a vibrant, celebratory event.

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