Sandy and Jerome's wedding reception

In the iconic Andaz glasshouse, set with bright lighting that shines from day to night. We created a full deconsructed arch and lined the aisle with hedges to transform the ballroom.

A full deconstructed arch

You can't go wrong with a full deconstructed arch for your wedding! Set against the glasshouse with full bright light shining through. We built a rose flower arch made with fresh foliage and flowers! The ballroom was filled with the scent of fresh blooms that wow-ed the guests!

More is more!

Of fresh ecalyptus leaves, garden roses, dutch carnations, delphiniums, baby breaths. Styled the tables with moss and fresh fruits to complement the interior.

Repurposed hedges from their morning solemnisation

First flowered up for their church solemnisation at St theresa Church. Then brought these hedges to Andaz Hotel for their dinner reception! Nothing gets wasted!

Jerome and Sandy

Venue: Andaz Hotel Glasshouse
PG: @aura_studios_sg
Florals by us

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